Luciane Dom
Fundição Progresso


About CD

Luciane Dom always asked her parents what the nation was that her ancestors had come from Africa. In the absence of answers, she found in music a way to rescue her origin, her story and her longing, even though she was so far away from African.

The first album of the singer and composer has 7 tracks, with the participation of Rubel and Carlos Malta, and has the arrangements signed by Rodrigo Ferrera (JahzMusic). Drop this Banzo (2018) is Favela, it is afrobeat.





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06/11 - Festival de Primavera Puc Rio
07/11 - Festival Dassalu
11/11 - Projeto 111
16/11 - Show Luciane Dom na Gamboa
19/11 - Fundição Progresso
20/11 - Carter Festival (SP)
21/11 - Do Quilombo à Favela
23/11 - Crespo Festival com Vox Sambou

Complete Schedule

The Show

A giant black body takes over the city. Amidst a sometimes hard and concrete sound, and also with a more agitated African rhythm, a sweet voice runs between his ears.

A show to watch and dance, the music transports you to other time. Musics of the singer, she starts from the ancestry, culminating in the African diaspora, mixing languages, rhythms and poetry. There's definitely no one without dancing: people come home refreshed!

The band is composed by Luciane Dom in the voice, Diogo Martins on guitar, Eduardo Santana on trumpet, Davidson Ilarindo on drums and artistic direction, and Rodrigo Ferrera, who besides signing the arrangements and musical direction.

Liberte esse Banzo is quilombo, it is dance, it is street: it is to put oneself in the world, to be part, to be presence.